एउटा त्यस्तो दिनको पर्खाईमा छु, जुन दिन मेरो नाम मात्रै पनि मेरो सम्पूर्ण परिचय बनोस् ।

Creating SQL Database in Azure and connecting through SQL Server Management Studio.

We all know that without creating the database we cannot connect. So lets, create the SQL database first.
First of all, Login to Azure portal using the credential of your Subscription.

Now, to create SQL Database got to New > Databases > SQL Databases as shown in figure below:


Then, In the SQL Database blade, Provide the Informations as shown below:

Database Name: The name of database you want to create.
Subscription: Choose your available Subscription.
Resource Group: Either use existing resource group or create new one.
Select Source: Choose the database you want, Here I choose Blank Database.
Server: You can choose existing database server if available, else create new one, I am creating new. To create New server do similar as shown in the New Server Blade.

Pricing tier: Choose the size and price of database that is suitable for you.
Collation: Which one you want.

Then, Pin it to dashboard for easy access and click on create, It will take some time to deploy Database.


After database is successfully deployed, its wizard will open automatically as shown below:


Now, SQL Database has been successfully created in Azure.

Then to connect it through SQL Server Management Studio follow the steps:

We need to add client machine IP to the fire wall so, go to Tools as shown below:


Click on open in Visual Studio, go to configure your Firewall. Firewall Setting blade will appears. Click on Add Client IP and then Save, as shown below:



Open SQL Server Management Studio:
Server Type: Database Engine
Server Name: Enter the name that you created earlier in Azure.
Authentication: SQL Server Authentication
Login: Username that you set earlier while creating database in Azure.
Password: Password that you set earlier while creating database in Azure.

Then, Click on connect.


You will be redirected to another preview, which seems as shown below:



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